Naflox 10 ml



Composition: in 10 ml of solution: Norfloxacin 300 mg


Naflox eye drops are used to treat eye infections caused by bacteria sensitive to norfloxacin.

  • Conjunctivitis, keratitis, meibomitis, dacryocystitis
  • To prevent infection after removing a foreign body from the eye
  • After eye surgery

Use and dosage:

Adults and children over 1 year old: Naflox eye drops are instilled 1-2 drops in each eye 4 times a day. Depending on the severity of the infection, 1-2 drops are instilled every 2 hours on the first day of treatment.

Release form: Naflox 0.3% eye drops, multi-dose vial 10 ml

Manufacturer: Dmg Srl, Italy.


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