Pirfalin 7 ml



Composition: In each 1 ml of solution: Pirenoxin 0.376 mg, Taurine 5 mg


– Treatment and prevention of early progressive senile, traumatic, diabetic and aggravated cataracts.

– For protective purposes during corneal damage (in connection with trauma or exposure to various toxic substances).

-Photokeratectomy and photoablation of the cornea as a result of excimer laser.

– Dystrophic damage of the retina, diabetic retinopathy.

Method of use:

The powder in the vial container is mixed with 7 ml of solvent. For this, the plastic ring is removed, the cap is pressed down and the vial is turned upside down and shaken 3-4 times. The resulting solution is used 1-2 drops per eye 4 times a day.

  • The course of treatment for cataract is 3 months, after a break of 1 month, the course of treatment is repeated.
  • Treatment course for corneal dystrophy and trauma is 1 month.

Presentation: A container with powder and a 7 ml of solvent.

Manufacturer: Farmigea SpA, Italy


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